Musical Journeys

Lisa graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts.

Soon after, in 1984, she began her professional musical journey and took a job playing in Monaco for Academie de Danse Princess Grace. Continuing to find creative work overseas, Lisa found herself living in Geneva and London. 

Back in the States, while playing piano at Juilliard, Lisa was offered a job with the Pacific Northwest Ballet which led to her calling Seattle home.

The ensuing years have taken her abroad on multiple occasions including projects in Madrid with Spain's national ballet company (Compania National de Danza) and the acclaimed Mikhailovsky Ballet in St. Petersburg with artistic director Nacho Duato.

Beyond the music:

Yoga and more...

Lisa has great appreciation for the transformative nature of the healing arts to relax and nurture the body and mind. She is a certified Bikram Yoga teacher who has taught throughout the US, and is a fan of floating which she enjoys regularly. 

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